Donald Trump ‘returns’ to Colbert’s Late Show in new fake interview

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Mocking the recent interview held between Donald Trump and Maria Bartiromo, Stephen Colbert uses the footage to create a hilarious new faux interview.

Please tell me this will continue to be a regular thing with every Donald Trump interview!

Previously, Stephen Colbert presented a hilarious segment for The Late Show, a faux interview between him and President Donald Trump. Of course, Trump would never come on Colbert’s show. The late night funnyman simply uses footage of Trump from the interview, using actual Trump responses to answer some silly questions.

Last night, Colbert did it again, after Trump’s sitdown interview with Maria Bartiromo. It’s made clear right away the interview is fake — we know Trump’s just waiting to point his finger and scream “Fake news!” at the show. And that just makes it all the more hilarious.

“Would you mind if I edited this footage to make you look insane?” Colbert says at the start of the segment. Trump pseudo-answers with, “Bing bing bing bing!” which Colbert can only take to mean yes. And then the two start getting down into it.

Colbert tests the president’s knowledge by asking him if he knows the capital of Vermont. The answer? “China!” That leads to the follow-up question of whether the president is using his brain, and to that, Donald says, “Since I’ve been elected, that’s really stopped, it’s really slowed down.”

The rest of the interview is pure comedy gold, which leads me back to what I was saying earlier. I really hope this becomes a regular thing for The Late Show because it’s freaking hilarious. You can watch the faux interview in the YouTube clip below.

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