Stephen Colbert theorizes what George W. Bush whispered to Obama

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Five presidents got together for a charity event where George W. Bush was seen whispering to Barack Obama. Stephen Colbert is guessing what was said…

This reminds me of the ending scene of Lost in Translation

Recently, five former presidents all got together as part of a charity event to raise funds for hurricane victims. That’s obviously an awesome and incredible thing, but people have noticed something at the event that really makes them curious. During a speech by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush is seen whispering something to Barack Obama. Whatever it was, it prompted a huge laugh from the 44th president. What could Bush have told Obama at that moment that was so funny?

Showing the clip on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert is here to fill in the blanks. Though he admits that we can only “speculate” on what was said, or more accurately, “make it up”, Colbert offers a few possibilities for what Bush told Obama. They include these following phrases:

“Hey… were you born in Kenya?”

“Twenty bucks if you pants Clinton right now!”

“Yo, real quick, where’s Puerto Rico?”

“This morning I painted a Shih Tzu!”

Of course, aside from offering these suggestions, Colbert gets serious for a moment as well. Facing the camera, he begs all five past presidents to come “save” us from who we’re dealing with now!

You can watch this bit in the YouTube video below.

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