Seth Meyers takes down Donald Trump tax plan and Fox interview

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For the “A Closer Look” segment on last night’s Late Night, host Seth Meyers tears apart Donald Trump’s tax plan and “rambling” Fox News interview.

After his highly publicized feud with the widow of a war hero, Donald Trump has been in a bit of hot water lately. Though the widow and a congresswoman who overheard the call both say Trump was disrespectful to her, the president has gone on the defensive to say the story isn’t true. It’s just a part of us usual M.O. of always saying that the media is nothing but fake news.

Last night on Seth Meyers’ Late Night, Meyers brought up the situation, noting how it brought Trump back to his comfort zone of attacking the media. The Trumpster sat down for a one on one interview with Fox News, in which he ranted on and on about how the media treats him unfairly. But Meyers sees this method of attacking the people as a way to somehow help his agenda.

For example, Trump is proposing a tax cut plan which will take away $473 billion from Medicare and an astonishing $1 trillion from Medicaid. Trump claims this will result in Americans seeing an extra $4,000 in their households per year. But as Meyers points out, even Trump’s own advisers say that this isn’t possibly, and would need at least eight years for that money to materialize.

And scary enough for middle class Americans, Trump’s tax plan would actually see a raise in what they’d have to pay. Meanwhile, those earning $900,000 or more would benefit huge from it, getting tax cuts average $234, 050. It’s almost like those things “crazy Bernie” has been saying about Trump are 100% accurate.

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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