Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump for taking credit for the JFK files

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Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to blast Donald Trump after his recent one on one interview in which he falsely takes credit for releasing the “JFK files”.

Oh, did Donald Trump do a new interview? Well, right on cue, here comes Stephen Colbert to dissect it with fact-checking and witty humor!

Last night on Colbert’s Late Show, the late night funnyman brought up the new one on one interview Trump just had. Colbert blasts Trump for spending much of the interview praising himself, and notes that the interviewer is fluffing him up too. “Mr. President, first question: you’re amazing,” Colbert says, mimicking the journalist. “Follow-up: can you hear my questions from so far up your ass?”

After mocking the interview, Colbert gets into another recent comment Trump made that needs to be addressed. This past Saturday, the POTUS apparently said on Twitter that he will be releasing the “long blocked and classified” JFK files. For those unaware, the JFK files concern everything from the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. These files have been sealed by the courts for decades, and now Trump says he is personally releasing them.

But is this Trump’s call? Not so much, says Colbert. The Late Show host reveals that these documents are mandated to be released this month under a 1992 law. Of course, that means that the JFK files would be coming out whether Trump wanted them to or not. Yet he still didn’t waste the opportunity to take the credit for it. “I have come to the courageous decision that I will be allowing Christmas to happen this year,” Colbert imagines Trump as also saying.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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