Late night legend David Letterman receives U.S. humor prize

via LA Times
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The legendary late night TV star David Letterman was presented with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, honoring his iconic run on the The Late Show.

David Letterman, for decades, entertained millions of Americans every single weeknight. By the time his career had come to a close, Letterman had set the record as the longest running late night TV host in American history. But though he’s since retired, the funnyman is continuing to receive recognition for his contributions to comedy and pop culture.

Courtesy of Reuters, Letterman was awarded witht he Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday. Letterman, now 70 years old, was applauded for his “imagination, comic daring and heart.” I think most of us would agree with that sentiment. So it’s nice to see the legend honored in this kind of official capacity.

Ever since Letterman departed The Late Show, Stephen Colbert has taken the reins. He has made the show the highest rated American late night TV show, surpassing Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Colbert is fantastic, to be sure, but longtime Letterman fans still miss David. So as I was saying above, any time he shows up again, whether it’s by talking to Jimmy Kimmel or accepting these kinds of awards, it’s good news for us fans.

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We’ll be keeping an eye on Dave to let everyone know when he pops up next. As for Colbert, you can watch new episodes of his Late Show weeknights at 11:35 PM EST on CBS.