Bill O’Reilly cut by talent agency after new $32 million bombshell

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After losing his job hosting The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News earlier this year, Bill O’Reilly has now been cut by his talent agency after a new bombshell.

Bill O’Reilly’s luck has gone from bad to worse!

Several months back, The O’Reilly Factor came to an end on Fox News after the network more or less had their metaphorical arm twisted. Sexual harassment allegations had been falling Bill O’Reilly’s way for a while, but along with the network, he had paid out millions to settle these cases in court. It kept O’Reilly on the air for a while, but once sponsors started withdrawing their support, Fox finally cut Bill loose.

Fast forward to more recently, and this fiasco isn’t quite over yet for O’Reilly. Yet another settled case has come up, this one to the tune of $32 million paid out O’Reilly’s alleged victim. Though the details of the case are sealed, generally it looks pretty bad if such an insane amount is being paid out to make the case go away. At this point, O’Reilly can’t be fired from Fox, as he’s already gone — but the agency representing him can still let him go, which is exactly what just happened.

Per THR, we can report that O’Reilly is no longer with his talent agency, UTA. Representative for the former Fox News host claim that O’Reilly has already found new representation, which isn’t totally unlikely (there’s a lot of ’em out there). But, so far, none have been named, leaving O’Reilly’s future a mystery.

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At this point, all of O’Reilly’s critics are absolutely tired of hearing his name. Losing his gig on Fox was apparently not enough to keep him out of the headlines. But maybe they’ll take some solace in the fact that it’s bad news for O’Reilly.