Jon Stewart makes surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Late night legend Jon Stewart is continuing to pop up whenever he wants on other talk shows, with Jimmy Kimmel Live last night being his latest stop.

If there’s one person who doesn’t need an invitation to appear on late night talk shows, it’s Jon Stewart. But that’s completely alright with all of us watching!

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel stood on stage to talk to his audience when, suddenly, music starts playing. A bunch of breakdancers come out before The Daily Dhow legend Jon Stewart suddenly walks out onto the stage as well, holding a boombox. At first, nobody knows what the heck is going on, but seeing Stewart, the audience roars with applause.

After some dancing, Kimmel cuts the music and asks Stewart what he is doing, and Stewart only responds that he’s rockin’ it with his crew. The two have a faux argument, with Kimmel stressing that he’s in the middle of a show. But Stewart says the only way to settle things is with dance-off! Unfortunately, he can’t get Kimmel to participate, so Stewart says there’s another way he can fix this… by promoting Stewart’s upcoming HBO special, Night of Too Many Stars (which airs on Nov. 18).

Stewart has something else special up his sleeve as well.

You can watch Stewart’s surprise appearance in the YouTube video below. He has learned that Kimmel has made a video for this event. Teasing the studio audience, Stewart asks if they want to see the video, though Kimmel acts embarrassed. But, of course it is played, featuring Kimmel and longtime “nemesis” Matt Damon. The two bicker their way in hilarious fashion while encouraging fans to donate to the charity Next for Autism.

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