Bill Maher: Russia is using our own social media to make us fight

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On his HBO program Real Time last night, Bill Maher showed how Russians perfectly played Americans by using social media to make them all squabble.

“New rule, if Russia is going to keep attacking America, then America really should fight back.” – Bill Maher

As Maher mentioned last night on Real Time, it seems that the Cold War never really ended for Russia. He brings up that there’s apparently an entire building in St. Petersberg consisting of a “Russian Troll Army”. They’re literally paying hundreds of people to sit at computers and pretend to be American… and for what purpose?

According to Maher, these people spend hours and hours creating fake news stories, memes, tweets, blog posts, etc. all to create drama in the United States. The whole design is just to get Americans fighting, throwing a wrench in their political system. For example, Maher shows one such fake news story post, that claims nearly 6 million illegals voted in the 2008 election.

Obviously, that story is a crock. But, unfortunately, thanks to Facebook, it had reached its way to 10 million Americans, garnering a lot of believers along the way. Maher laments how Hillary Clinton lost the election, even after spending so much money on her campaign, because Russia turned Facebook into Fakebook. Or, perhaps a more appropriate name, according to Maher, would be S–t Starter.

You can watch the New Rule bit in the YouTube video below, thanks to the official YouTube account of the HBO network.

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You can always count on Bill Maher to say things best in the way that only he can! Remember, next week’s show is the season finale of Season 15 for Real Time. So obviously you aren’t going to want to miss that one. It airs next Friday night on HBO at 10 PM!