Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, October 20th, 2017?

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After having the night off last week, fans are hopeful that Bill Maher will be returning to Real Time with Bill Maher tonight with an all new episode.

We haven’t seen HBO funnyman Bill Maher in two weeks now. But Season 15 isn’t over just yet, so, will Maher be coming back tonight with an all new episode!

Here’s the good news. Yes, there will be an all new episode tonight! As every fan knows, Friday nights are always so much more lonely without Bill on TV. Fortunately we can all expect to look forward to him tonight.

Now, here is the bad news. Our time with Maher is running short for now. Season 15 concludes next week, meaning we only have one more episode before Bill goes on hiatus. He will definitely be back for Season 16 as HBO has renews the program until at least 2020, for what it’s worth. But it’s almost time for Maher to take a little break.

Maher’s guests are not currently listed online. However, per the usual Maher, we can expect some biting commentary and then an entertaining panel discussion with his guests. Obviously Maher has been very critical of Donald Trump and what his administration has been doing lately. We can expect this to be the primary focus of the show.

So to reiterate, yes there is a new episode airing tonight. Be sure to tune in to HBO when the episode premieres at 10 PM, and then make sure you come back next week to watch the season finale! After that, we won’t be getting any more Real Time for a little while.