Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, October 15th?

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It’s Sunday, October 15th 2017, so will there be an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premiering tonight? We have all the info.

Well it’s Sunday, which can hopefully mean only one thing… John Oliver will be back tonight with a new episode of Last Week Tonight! With Bill Maher taking the night off on Friday, though, you might be worried Oliver will be doing the same. So, is there going to be a new show tonight?

Good news, everyone. The answer is yes, Oliver is back tonight with an all new episode on HBO. So, there is no crisis and you can be happy knowing we have something to look forward to this evening.

As always, we can’t exactly tell you what Oliver is going to be covering on the program. The HBO funnyman and Emmy winning talk show host insists on keeping the topics a surprise. Last week, he focused primarily on the Confederate statues and monuments being taken down. But he also spent some time dishing on Donald Trump’s lackluster response to the recent hurricanes as well as the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.

Tonight, no matter what Oliver focuses on, we can be guaranteed a hilarious show. That’s why Oliver and his team came back from the Emmys winning so big, after all. And it’s also why HBO renewed the series through 2020, guaranteeing that Oliver is going to be doing this for some time to come!

New episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver air Sunday nights on HBO.