Kellywise: Kellyanne Conway becomes Pennywise in SNL spoof

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Channeling the creepy clown Pennywise from the new Stephen King movie IT, Kellyanne Conway becomes Kellywise in a hysterical new Saturday Night Live sketch.

What’s the only thing creepier than Pennywise? Kellywise!

Last night, in the new episode of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon performed what was definitely her best take on Kellyanne Conway yet. In a parody of the IT movie, Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) is seeking a new guest to speak with when he stumbles across a storm drain, ala the Georgie scene from the film. But a very different clown is the one to show up…

In the sewer, we see Kellywise appear, looking genuinely horrifying despite this being a goofy spoof. Kellywise attempts to coax Cooper to put her on TV the way Pennywise entices Georgie to join him in the sewer circus. When he refuses, she then tries to hold him back with juicy quotes — “Do you want a quote?” And follows up with a few examples so bizarre, you could believe that the real Kellyanne Conway would have said them.

Ultimately, to get Cooper to join her, Kellywise is going to have to use a few tricks she has up her sleeve. This includes taking on the form someone Cooper seems to particularly admire… Hillary Clinton! But will it be enough to lure him in?

Words cannot do enough to describe how hilarious this is so you really just need to watch it. You can watch the entire bit in the video below.

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