Stephen Colbert creates mock video of Trump vs Tillerson IQ test

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After Donald Trump suggested an IQ test face-off between Rex Tillerson and himself, Stephen Colbert has whipped up a parody video for the event.

It’s Trump against Tillerson… everyone, start taking your bets!

Fairly recently, Rex Tillerson made headlines by referring to President Donald J. Trump as a “moron”. Easily to enrage, Trump played right into it by firing back at Tillerson. So confident in being smarter than his adversary, Trump went as far as to suggest the two of them take IQ tests to truly determine which one of them is smarter. Let’s not forget that this is the POTUS saying this stuff — just worth pointing out.

Seeing the hilarity in the whole situation, Stephen Colbert had some fun with it for The Late Show. On the program, a mock video was created, suggesting Trump and Tillerson are taking this to the Thunderdome. Using clips from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Trump and Tillerson are edited in to make it look like they’re having a faceoff right there in the Thunderdome from the film.

Getting started, Trump is asked what the name of the invisible force is that keeps people on the earth. As in real life, Trump starts spitting something out about not having all the facts, giving a non-answer. Tillerson doesn’t have an answer that’s much better, and answering this one question has become a huge problem.

You can watch the clip in the YouTube video below.

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