Gotham: Ivy will officially become Poison Ivy in Season 4

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Though Ivy hasn’t yet gained her Poison Ivy superpowers yet on Gotham, it’s now been confirmed that this will change sometime this season.

The city of Gotham will soon meet Poison Ivy!

If you’re watching Gotham, the Batman origin series on FOX, you’re aware of its iteration of the Poison Ivy character. Now simply called Ivy, she is no stranger to committing crimes — but she does not have her plant powers yet. Though she clearly has an affinity for plants, they have not become a part of her at this point in the series.

According to Screen Rant, we will see Ivy gain those powers during this current season. We saw the start of this with Ivy consuming some kind of potion. And according to executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt, this will in fact lead to her becoming the Poison Ivy we know and love from the comics:

"“Without saying specifically which ones, I would say it’s fair to say that her powers are going to increase and gain in their canonical way.”"

In other words, the transformation isn’t going to be an overnight process. But we will see the start of her transformation with at least some of her plant powers becoming a part of the character. I’m betting that after this process is complete, soon after somebody will dub her “Poison Ivy”, and the rest at that point will be history. However, it’s also noted that we won’t be exploring this storyline until a little later on in the season, so don’t expect to see it happen next week or anything.

Gotham  airs Thursday nights on FOX.