New Year’s Eve: Andy Cohen has officially replaced Kathy Griffin

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After controversial photos resulted in Kathy Griffin losing her CNN gig co-hosting the New Year’s Eve special, her replacement has finally been named.

Anderson Cooper won’t be having Kathy Griffin by his side this New Year’s Eve, but for fans of Andy Cohen, that’s going to be A-OK!

Per The Hollywood Reporter, we can inform our readers that Cohen has officially been named as Griffin’s replacement for CNN’s New Year’s Eve telecast. Though Griffin has been an important member of the program in years past, she was fired suddenly earlier this year. It came as the result of the backlash a photo shoot of hers received, depicting her holding the severed (fake) head of Donald Trump.

With New Year’s being so long away, CNN didn’t rush to hire a replacement. But we’re getting closer and it seems that they finally signed somebody. Cohen will be joining Anderson Cooper on the broadcast and the two of them will be ringing in the new year with all of us this year. Or at least the ones of us watching, anyway. I have a feeling Griffin might not be.

Cohen and Cooper have appeared on one another’s shows constantly over the years. Noting that he’s known Cooper for 25 years, Cohen has publicly announced his excitement to co-host the New Year’s Eve special with him. If all goes well, this could be our new team on the broadcast for years to come.

On the other side of things, the THR article notes that Griffin claims her and Cooper are no longer friends because of the incident.