A Christmas Story: Live FOX TV special has found its Ralphie

via The Hollywood Reporter
via The Hollywood Reporter /

FOX is retelling the classic holiday tale A Christmas Story in a new three hour live TV event, and we can now say hello to the young man playing Ralphie.

Oh, fudge… that’s a darn good casting choice for our new Ralphie!

For those uninitiated, the beloved holiday film A Christmas Story is being resurrected by the FOX network. The story will be retold as part of a LIVE stage special, spanning three hours. Though a couple casting announcements had already been made, the biggest challenge was certainly in finding its lead — the little blonde boy who just wants a Red Ryder B.B. gun, Ralphie.

After what seems to be a painstaking search, FOX has found someone they feel to be the perfect Ralphie. Per The Hollywood Reporter, we have learned that Ralphie will be played by Andy Walken of Seattle, Washington. With more than 350 other talented young actors gunning for the part, Walken really must have impressed the powers that be.

You can watch an interesting video below of Walken discovering he has just gotten the coveted role. In conjunction with the holiday spirit, it just might warm your heart! Check it out here.

So far, Matthew Broderick has also been announced to be the narrator of the production. The hilarious Maya Rudolph has also signed on to portray Ralphie’s mother. Ralphie’s dad is also another very important role in this story, of course, so FOX is presumably being careful with that casting choice as well.

A Christmas Story Live is set to air on FOX on Dec. 17, 2017. Stay tuned for additional updates on this project.