Bill Maher labels Donald Trump our ‘worst responder’ on Real Time

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You know the term “first responder”? Well, according to Bill Maher, President Donald Trump is offiically the “worst responder”, based on his recent actions.

Seems like Bill Maher is just saying what many of us are thinking!

You’ve no doubt seen some of the controversy created by Donald Trump’s response to the situation in Puerto Rico. With millions left without electricity, cell service, and even drinking water, it’s clear that the people there really need our help. So leave it to Trump to completely bungle his “response” as the American president.

As Maher points out, the first thing Donald Trump says when he gets there is something about how they’ve thrown his budget “out of whack”. Maher can’t help but laugh, noting that something like that is so  Trump. “I see you’ve had the worst time ever in your whole life, let me just pull up your account…”

Maher goes on and on about the terrible ways Trump has responded to the situation, from calling the mayor “nasty” and tossing paper towels into a crowd like he’s playing basketball. Trump apparently even had the nerve to say that it wasn’t a real catastrophe, like Hurricane Katrina. To that, Maher replies, “Well, you’re not a real president, like Obama.” Obviously Maher’s studio audience gives him a big ovation for that one!

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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