Westworld: Season 2 to be dominated by its leading ladies

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Filming is underway for Season 2 of the smash hit HBO series Westworld, and cast members are hinting that the women will be primary focus.

Are you ready to head back to Westworld?

After having one hell of an amazing first season, HBO’s Westworld is already an instant classic. It would garner more nominations than any other show at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards. At just one season in, the show is here to stay, and fans are no doubt anticipating Season 2.

Not much is known exactly about where Season 2 will go, but some of the show’s cast are dropping some hints. And the way things are looking, the women are going to play a larger role in the story for the show’s second season.

According to The Christian Post, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) is promising a season that’s even more shocking than the first. Considering how every single episode always brought new surprises that’s one hell of a promise. “I didn’t think the show could shock me and it continues to do so,” Wood is quoted as saying.

Additionally, Tessa Thompson (Charlotte) says that she feels the “women are king” in the upcoming new episodes. In other words, we can expect some of these female characters getting some sweet revenge for what they’ve had to endure during Season 1. Thompson also teased Thandie Newton’s Maeve as taking control of her own choices, rather than being subjected to whatever the guests want from her in the park’s brothel.

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Season 2 of Westworld is tentatively set to premiere in early 2018. Stay tuned for additional updates including an official release date.