Daily Show: Trevor Noah gets serious about Las Vegas shooting

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On last night’s edition of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah took some time to get serious and talk about the terrible tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas.

Most of the time, we watch The Daily Show because we want to laugh. But when something as awful as the recent massacre in Nevada takes place, it’s part of Trevor Noah’s job to address it.

On last night’s episode of the show, Noah kicked things off by speaking about the Las Vegas massacre. The comedian notes that he’s having trouble understanding what is happening in this country — there have been 20 mass shootings since he moved here two years ago. But something Noah has noticed that seems especially heartbreaking to him is just how accustomed people are becoming to these kinds of reports.

Noah is also frustrated how, always on cue, people are so quick to say we can’t talk about guns whenever these tragedies happen. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others will immediately say things like how this isn’t the time and place for a gun control discussion. It doesn’t make any sense to Noah, who wonders when is the time? As the Daily Show host points out, there’s another mass shooting almost every single day. So if after one of these events is apparently not the time to discuss control, then that means we will never have that conversation.

You can watch the entire video below courtesy of Comedy Central on YouTube.

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