Seth Meyers rips Donald Trump for attacking NFL athletes

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After Donald Trump spent the weekend attacking NFL athletes for peacefully protesting police brutality, Seth Meyers verbally destroyed the POTUS.

Seth Meyers does it again!

Just days ago, Donald Trump made the headlines after going on a tirade against kneeling NFL players. Trump feels so strongly about the issue that he thinks any “son of a bitch” that kneels during the National Anthem needs to be fired immediately. While some of his supporters might agree, the comments have drawn Trump a lot of criticism. People are accusing the president on infringing on their right to peacefully protest.

To explain just how screwed up this is, Seth Meyers put the situation under a microscope for his A Closer Look segment on last night’s Late Night. After catching the viewers up to speed, Meyers notes how humiliating it is that news anchors now have to warn their children to leave the room before the president speaks. He says he’s our first NC-17 president, but it’s not even the good kind of NC-17. “Trump is basically the Showgirls of presidents,” Meyers jokes.

On top of all that, Trump says the NFL ratings are down because they’d rather watch him instead. Meyers comments on how even many of Trump’s own supporters in the league are “deeply disappointed” by all these remarks he made. The Late Night host compares supporting Trump to robbing a bank… “just when you think you got away with it, the dye pack explodes!”

You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

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