Netflix pulls kid’s show after discovering dong hidden in artwork

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The Netflix cartoon series Maya the Bee had an episode pulled from the service after viewers spotted what appears to be a penis hidden in the background.

What’s most surprising about this story is how long it took for anyone to see this, uh, “thing”!

Lately, news has been hitting outlets such as about a controversial episode of Maya the Bee. The Netflix cartoon series, which is primarily for children, snuck in a little something sure to make Beavis and Butt-head laugh nonstop for the next 20 minutes. Namely, a crudely drawn picture of a penis is clearly visible in the background at one point in the show.

The dong is carved into a tree trunk in the background of the show. Though Netflix has now already pulled this particular episode from the service, images of it are of course circulating throughout the internet. If you’re not too offended to see for yourself you can take a look at the image of the “body part” below.

via Netflix/Variety
via Netflix/Variety /

The attention to detail is what did this sneaky artist in. If not for adding “the twins” down below, perhaps it wouldn’t have been nearly as noticeable. What we have here is an image that you will never be able to unsee. But while we can talk about how awful it is for this to have shown up on a kid’s show, chances are any children that happened to catch it probably just giggled.

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Other episodes of Maya the Bee are still available on Netflix, with only the offending episode having been removed.