Family Matters house in Chicago set to be demolished

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Steve Urkel is going to have to find a new house to barge his way into all the time, as the actual Winslow house from Family Matters is being destroyed.

We are about to say goodbye to a piece of television history!

Back in the 1990s, you couldn’t find anyone anywhere who didn’t know who Urkel was. Family Matters would become one of the most well known TV shows of its era, no doubt because of America’s favorite nerd. In a nutshell, the series was about an annoying geek always showing up at the Winslow family household uninvited, driving the patriarch, Carl, out of his mind.

It was all hilarious stuff, but eventually, the show would air its final episode in 1998. And nearly 20 years later, the infamous Winslow house is going to be bulldozed to the ground. It’s a good thing Urkel has grown up and moved on by now, because the site of that house vanishing would certainly have broken his heart in the mid 90s.

The sitcom was set in the city of Chicago. Exterior shots of the Winslow home use a real house located in Lincoln Park. The opening of the show would always depict this house, though the show itself was actually filmed on sets in California.

According to WGNTV, the city of Chicago has gotten the all clear to “wreck and remove” the two-story home. A bigger house will be built in its place according to the article.

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Does it sadden you just a little bit that the Winslow home will soon be no more. It’s alright. You’re not alone.