Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump’s UN speech contradicts itself

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After a confusing UN speech in which Donald Trump advocates for both peace and war, Stephen Colbert poked fun at the president of the United States.

Which side is Donald Trump really on? Sometimes, it’s just impossible to tell for sure.

On last night’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert got into the recent UN speech Donald Trump gave. Playing clips from the speech and responding accordingly, it’s clear that Colbert feels this speech makes no sense whatsoever.

Colbert plays a clip of the speech of Trump threatening to “destroy” North Korea if he needs to. As Colbert jokes, doing so would destroy South Korea as well. So Colbert imagines Trump telling those people there to evacuate immediately to either West or East Korea. Then he moves on to “Rocket Man”, the nickname Trump has given Kim Jong Un. To that, Colbert pleads with Trump not to give our enemies cool nicknames. But it’s clear Trump sees Kim Jong Un as a threat, cute nickname or not.

Another clip is played of Trump talking about his goal of “peace”. It seems funny coming right after a moment when Trump just talked about wiping North Korea off the planet. But even funnier than that is the way Trump took a shot at Venezuela’s socialism, hoping for a good reaction from the crowd — only to hear crickets.

You can watch this segment of Colbert’s monologue in the YouTube video below.

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