Jackie Hoffman jokingly pokes fun at Laura Dern after Emmy loss

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After losing the Emmy for FEUD: Bette and Joan to her competitor Laura Dern, actress Jackie Hoffman went on a Twitter tirade, pretending to be a sore loser.

Jackie Hoffman is really letting Laura Dern have it on Twitter! But don’t worry just yet — she’s only kidding.

Let’s back up for just a minute. The other night, The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards aired on CBS, hosted by Stephen Colbert. Jackie Hoffman, who starred in FX’s FEUD: Bette and Joan, was up for the Emmy for supporting actress in a drama. But when the winner’s name was announced, it wasn’t Hoffman’s name that was read, but Big Little Lies star Laura Dern’s instead.

On camera, Hoffman was seen visibly repeating, “Dammit!” after Dern’s win. It didn’t go unnoticed, as viewers on Twitter pointed it out quickly. But then Hoffman herself hopped on Twitter to take shots at Dern throughout the program, beginning with this jab here:

And that was just the start of a tirade. Hoffman sent out other tweets saying that Dern “runs a child porn ring” and even “looted art from Nazi victims”. Now, it obviously is the case that Hoffman is playing things up, but some in the media took her comments seriously. So Hoffman had to smooth things over with this tweet:

Hoffman adds that Colbert himself congratulated her personally and loved her response.

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Hoffman no doubt did fantastic on FEUD. But Laura Dern is truly amazing, and there’s no shame in losing to her. Maybe next time, Jackie!