Daily Show: Meet Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah shined the spotlight on Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary, and why him having the gig is just a bit concerning.

The Trump Administration is set to take on the complicated issue of tax reform, but according to Trevor Noah, we definitely don’t have the right guy leading the charge.

Last night on The Daily Show, Noah spent a lot of time speaking about Steve Mnuchin — Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary. Like many other Trump picks, Noah questions the decision to give this guy the job. Just like he’s questioning how well this tax reform is going to go if we are trusting everything to Mnuchin.

For a segment called Profiles in Tremendousness, we get to learn more about this Mnuchin fellow. Like the president, Mnuchin seems tremendously under-qualified for the position. Basically, he lucked out by happening to bump into the president, and Trump handed him the gig a day later.

So what DOES this guy do? Apparently, he’s a film financier, having financed such hits as LEGO Batman. Noah theorizes that perhaps Trump only gave Mnuchin the job thinking he knows the real Batman. But nowadays, Noah explains, Mnuchin has gotten out of financing movies to finance himself and his millionaire buddies through tax cuts for the rich. And as far as paying for those cuts, all the guy can say is that they will “pay for themselves”. Okay?

In reality, Mnuchin isn’t looking out to save money for the everyday taxpayers. In fact, he’s the type of politician that tried to have the taxpayers fund his honeymoon, paying for a ride on a private government jet. Had he gotten what he wanted, Mnuchin would have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a trip to Europe using American tax money. What a snake.

You can watch the whole take down in the YouTube video below.

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