Emmys 2017: Alec Baldwin takes HUGE shot at Donald Trump!

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After winning an Emmy at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, Alec Baldwin took a vicious shot at the real Donald Trump during his acceptance speech.

The fact that there isn’t yet an angry tweet about this might mean something is seriously wrong… can someone do a welfare check on the president?

Last night during the Emmy Awards, Alec Baldwin surprised no one by taking the win for his Saturday Night Live role as Donald J. Trump. Back during Season 42, Trump himself would publicly complain about the bits, saying Baldwin’s portrayal of him “stinks”. It seemed like every time SNL would make fun of him, Trump would tweet about how bad the show is.

Well, Baldwin just proved Trump wrong in the grandest way possible — he won a freakin’ Emmy for the very role! That’s got to sting for the president, who had been nominated for Emmys before with The Apprentice, but never managed to actually take the win. That opened the door for Baldwin to say this after accepting the Emmy for mocking Trump:

"“At long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy!”"

Ouch! We know Trump is disappointed about never winning the Emmy, otherwise he wouldn’t have angrily referred to them as being “rigged”. To see someone he hates winning one instead for mocking him, and then mocking him again when he accepts it, has really gotta hurt. Trump took a verbal beating throughout the night, sure, but this comment is surely the most scathing. You can almost see him turning from orange to red.

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Saturday Night Live returns to NBC with its Season 43 premiere on Sep. 30, 2017. I’d be shocked if Baldwin wasn’t there as Trump on the premiere episode. Be sure to tune in, because chances are it’s going to be one hell of an episode.