Trevor Noah slams Donald Trump for ‘folding’ to Democrats

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On last night’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah took Donald Trump to task for flip-flopping his words and ‘folding’ so easily for top Democratic leaders.

Is Donald Trump a truly bipartisan president? Trevor Noah isn’t buying into the notion that we should be jumping to that conclusion just yet!

During the past week, Trump has been getting a lot of praise for being a “bipartisan” president. After reaching an agreement with Democrats to keep the government funded for a few more months, some Trump supporters are touting it as a major accomplishment. Sarah Huckabee Sanders really took it a step further to say that Trump has been more bipartisan in eight months than Barack Obama was in eight years.

“One deal and now he’s Mr. Bipartisan?” Noah questions. “You can’t call someone a philanthropist just because they tossed a quarter at a homeless person. It doesn’t work that way.”

But apparently Trump seems to like the praise he reserved for crossing party lines, so he followed-up with a special dinner with two top Democrats. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi had some kind of dinner with Trump, in which a new agreement was reached. Essentially, the deal was to “protect the dreamers” while adding more border security — and no money was included for the border wall.

“Wait, what? All it took was a dinner and Trump folded to Democrats on DACA and the wall?” Noah asked, perplexed. Seems like the Democrats got what they wanted out of that meeting, leaving Trump with the short end of the stick. Curiously enough, however, Trump is changing his tune about the “dreamers” on Twitter, basically asking who would want to throw these people out.

YOU DID!!!” the Daily Show host angrily replies. You can watch Noah’s takedown in the YouTube video below.

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