Stephen Colbert: New monologue attacks both Donald Trumps

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Like father, like son? In Stephen Colbert’s latest monologue, he sent several jabs at both Donald Trump, Jr. and his presidential father and namesake.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert had plenty of material to work with about the Trump family. Whether you’re Donald Trump or Donald Trump, Jr., you aren’t safe from Colbert’s mockery on his late night talk show!

First, Colbert begins his monologue and gets into the big day Trump, Jr. recently had. The younger Trump has to give testimony based on accusations of colluding with Russian officials, and went to extra lengths to avoid being captured on camera coming in. As Colbert reveals, Trump, Jr. snuck his way in through the “bowels of the Capitol”… where all of America’s leaders are “pooped out”.

What Colbert really gets a kick of, however, are the remarks the younger Trump made about these accusations. Though he admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, he says nothing came of the meeting… therefore, he never “colluded with Russia.” Which is like, as Colbert says, being innocent of robbing a bank if you find out the vault is empty.

Then, Colbert moves on to talk about the elder Donald Trump and what he has been up to. The newest blunder of the president was hiring somebody without relevant experience to be the new head of NASA. Colbert notes that Trump’s pick is someone who doesn’t believe in climate change. Ironic coming from somebody with the quickest access to spaceships if we need to get the hell out of dodge.

You can watch that part of the monologue right here.

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