Stranger Things pays tribute to Sam Raimi film The Evil Dead

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Stranger Things continues to pay tribute to the 80s horror films which inspired it with an all new poster which channels Sam Raimi’s horror film The Evil Dead.

Stranger Things is getting ready to return to Netflix next month. Perhaps in anticipation of coming back during Halloween season, Netflix has been releasing special posters for the show. Particularly, they’ve been putting out custom posters paying tribute to popular 1980s horror movies.

The newest tribute poster in the lineup is one that channels Sam Raimi’s classic horror The Evil Dead. Starring Bruce Campbell and set in a cabin in the woods, the seminal film is a must watch for any horror movie lover. Recognizing its forefathers, the new Stranger Things poster looks a lot like the original theatrical poster for The Evil Dead.

First, I’ll have you take a peek at the original poster. From New Line Cinema, this is what moviegoers saw when The Evil Dead was showing in theaters back then:

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Even if you haven’t seen the film, the poster really speaks a lot about it. This iconic artwork adorns the walls of so many horror fans and is one of the genre’s most iconic images. So, who did it better… New Line or Netflix? Check out the tribute poster for Stranger Things:

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Why doe Netflix keep comparing the show to the freakiest horror films of the 80s? Something is telling me that Season 2 is going to be much more horrifying than Season 1. We’ll find out soon enough in October!