Syfy cancels ‘Dark Matter’ after three seasons, creator confirms

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Dark Matter has come to the end of its run on the Syfy channel after airing three seasons, according to the show’s co-creator Joseph Mallozzi.

If you were looking forward to Season 4 of Dark Matter, then you might want to sit down!

An article at The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that Dark Matter has officially been axed on the Syfy network, three seasons into the drama series. This seems to be just as much of a surprise to him as it is for the show’s fans. Long story short, this is bad news for everybody.

In a blog post, co-creator Joseph Mallozzi opens up about the show being booted:

"“It is with great sadness that I confirm the news. Syfy has cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons. To say that I’m incredibly disappointed would be an understatementI just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my amazing crew, my wonderful cast, and to all of you, our incredible fans. You all deserved better.”"

Season 3 of the series concluded barely a week ago, which has to make the news sting that much more. An official reason wasn’t given for why they’d cancel it, but we can only assume it wasn’t pulling in the numbers that the network was hoping for. That’s a real bummer, but there’s always hope the show can possibly be picked up elsewhere.

Dark Matter was based on a comic book by the same name. It centers on a group of six people who wake up on a starship with no recollection of who they are.