Netflix gets into the pot business, selling weed strains

Photo via Netflix
Photo via Netflix /

Streaming giant Netflix has something else to offer now along with movies to stream… various strains of marijuana, and they have recommendations by show!

Might we be seeing Netflix changing their official color from red to green?!

The streaming service Netflix is certainly stoner-friendly enough as it is. They’ve got a massive library of movies and TV shows to surf through when they’re zoned out on the couch burning down a joint. In an interesting development, Netflix is apparently embracing this portion of their subscribers to partnering with a dispensary to sell marijuana.

Outlets such as GolfDigest are now reporting on this story. To go along with their original series Disjointed — a Kathy Bates sitcom set in a dispensary — Netflix is apparently selling twelve unique strains of pot. Each of them will be based on some of their different original shows, meaning whichever show you’re planning to watch, they’ve got a strain for that!

For example, they’re offering “Camp Firewood” for smokers who want to light it up while watching Wet Hot American Summer. Or you could get some “Prickly Muffin” to burn while watching Bojack Horseman. Sativa or indica, whatever floats your boat!

Of course, not every Netflix subscriber is a pot smoker, but don’t start canceling your subscription just yet. This is only going to be for a very limited time, and limited to a single pop-up dispensary in California (wherein the use of pot is legal). It will only be available this weekend, staring on Friday, Sep. 1, and lasting until Sunday, Sep. 3. The Netflix series Disjointed will be premiering on Sep. 1 as well to coincide with the pot sales.

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Netflix has also declared that they are making no profit from the sales, the funds which will be used for promotional purposes. So if you’re one of those who’s opposed, there’s no need to light the torches and grab the pitchforks. This will evidently just be a one and done deal.