Kathy Griffin takes back apology over bloody Donald Trump head

Photo via TMZ
Photo via TMZ /

After formally apologizing for of taking a pic of herself with a prop severed head resembling Donald Trump, Kathy Griffin is taking it back.

Kathy Griffin: “Sorry, not sorry!”

These days, the name “Kathy Griffin” brings to mind a recent controversy she had been involved in. After releasing a series of photographs holding what appears to be the head of Donald Trump, the comedian caught tons of flak. In the wake of the backlash, Griffin formally apologized for the photos, but has still carried a stigma for them ever since.

Now, Griffin is back in the headlines because of these photos, but there’s a twist in the story. That apology she gave a little while back? She didn’t mean it. In fact, she’s taking it back. According to news outlets such as TheHill.com, Griffin is officially withdrawing her apology:

"“I am no longer sorry. The whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing got so blown out of proportion and I lost everybody.”"

After the photos created a firestorm, Griffin had lost her gig on CNN’s New Years Eve countdown program, and had to cancel several shows. Though she has been “through the mill”, Griffin has now come to terms with the photos and is standing by them. She is insisting the focus should instead be on Trump’s actions.

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What do YOU think? Did Kathy Griffin cross the line when she took those controversial photographs? Is she right to take the apology back? Chime in with your own opinions on the comments section below.