Game of Thrones: Top 5 Saddest Deaths (So Far)

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1. Shireen Baratheon (Season 5, Episode 9)

The most heartbreaking moment on this series comes from the death of what you could say is a minor character on the show. Despite having a limited run on the series, however, the death of Shireen Baratheon is arguably the most horrible moment of all, putting her high atop this list.

It’s easy for me to know just how bad this scene really was when just seeing the photo above was enough to bring back tears. Princess Shireen, the only child of Stannis Baratheon, is just one of many innocent victims on this show. But the horrific nature of her demise no doubt made this one sting the most.

Feeling surrounded by the Boltons, Stannis makes the decision to sacrifice his daughter. His hope is that the blood magic will aid him in the battle, so he has his men tie her to a pyre and burn her alive. Poor Shireen screams for her parents whom have betrayed her, but all Stannis can do is turn his head. Her mother tries to intervene, but is stopped, later committing suicide due to the trauma.

It’s a horrible scene, but what makes it even worse is that it was all for nothing. Many of the Baratheon army deserts Stannis after this event, leading him to be outnumbered and losing the battle. He is later ended by Brienne of Tarth who finds him, but by this point, I don’t think any fans were shedding tears for him the way they just had for his poor daughter.

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Did I miss anything I shouldn’t have? Which deaths affected you the most? To keep this conversation going, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.