Bill Maher: Trump needs all unwritten rules written out just for him

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Bill Maher noticed that Donald Trump seems to be breaking every single unwritten rule as president, so perhaps we should be writing all of these rules down.

You wouldn’t think we would actually need to spell some of these things out for the president. But, alas, here we are!

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher focused on the president’s “unwritten rules” for his New Rule segment. Maher’s new rule is that we apparently need to put everything in writing for the president. In other words, Trump is breaking every single unwritten rule as president, so maybe he needs to have these things written down for him.

“From inviting Russian spies into the Oval Office; to not releasing his taxes; from insisting law enforcement be loyal to him personally; to maintaining a for-profit business empire while in office,” Maher goes on, frustrated at how nothing is just understood anymore. He compares it to the “Do Not Eat” warning on silica gel packs.

“No one thinks they have to write down don’t put the baby in the microwave,” Maher says, comparing it to the unwritten rules a babysitter would have. “Well, with Trump, you do.” All in all, it reminds Maher of the Disney movie Gus, where a mule becomes the star of a football team because the rulebook didn’t state that animals couldn’t play. “That’s Trump,” Maher says, comparing the president to the animal.

You can watch the New Rule segment in the video below.

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