Stephen Colbert monologue talks CEOs turning on Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert, in his new monologue, took on Donald Trump and his inability to get along with CEOs, despite being known as the “businessman president”.

If Donald Trump is the businessman president, then why can’t he get along with CEOs? Does he not know that siding with white supremacists is bad for business?

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert’s new monologue took on the reports of eight CEOs resigning from Trump’s manufacturing council. This includes Denise Morrison from Campbell’s Soup. In jest, Colbert shows a clip of Seinfeld‘s Soup Nazi screaming, “No soup for you!” as the company’s official statement to Trump.

In actuality, Morrison put out a statemen which explained her choice to resign. Obviously, it has everything to do with the comments Trump made after Charlottesville, equating neo-nazis to their counter-protesters. Colbert finds it astonishing that we have to turn to the soup lady to tell us that murder is bad, and jokes about the Jolly Green Giant giving a speech on why racism is bad.

But of course, Trump is trying to save face in the wake of his CEOs resigning. He took to Twitter to basically say he was cutting them loose. This, after they resigned themselves. I guess it’s the old, “You can’t quite, you’re fired!”

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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