Bill Maher on why liberals and conservatives can’t work together

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Bill Maher explained on Real Time last night why the left and the right can’t coexist, because whenever they do, it’s for the wrong reasons.

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher focused on the subject of bipartisanship in the “New Rule” segment of the show. Basically, the message is this: conservatives and liberals should not attempt to come together on anything, because they can only agree on things they shouldn’t.

For example, Maher explains, “they both support globalization. The far left because it can exploit workers, the far right because their country music station switched to Mexican.” He also points out how odd it is that both an extreme leftist like Oliver Stone and the “wannabe dictator” Donald Trump think Vladimir Putin is a stand-up guy.

Maher moves on to what he calls the “pro-fat movement”, which he says enables the obesity in the United States. For liberals, Maher says, you can never, ever mention the word “weight”, as that’s “fat shaming”. And for conservatives, “any attempt to even offer guidelines about what to eat, well, that smells like social engineering.”

The Real Time host brings up how angry people on the right were when Michelle Obama encouraged kids to eat healthier foods in school. People treated her like some kind of devil woman, and Sarah Palin infamously brought plates of sugar cookies to schoolkids in protest. How dare Michelle acknowledge the obesity issue in the US and try to do something about it.

On the other side of things, Maher brings up that joke Steve Bannon made about Sean Spicer, saying “he got fatter”. Chelsea Clinton publicly decried this joke, saying that it was “fat shaming”. Maher is frustrated, noting that while it wasn’t funny, it was still just a joke. Perhaps all of this protection of obese Americans is only “enabling” them, suggests Maher.

You can watch the New Rule bit in the YouTube video below.

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