Stephen Colbert ‘takes down’ a Confederate statue himself

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In the wake of Donald Trump throwing a hissy fit over the removal of Confederate statues, Stephen Colbert responded by ‘taking down’ one himself.

Lately, President Donald Trump has been getting himself into a bit of turmoil. It was bad enough that he had to struggle so hard to condemn white supremacists, even after one of them murdered a young woman. Still, he’s doubling down on his defense of the “alt-right”, refusing to say bad things about the “very fine people” in the group.

Because of this racism getting out of hand, Confederate statues and monuments have been getting taken down. Like when the Confederate flag had been diminished a while back, some people are not too happy. And one of those unhappy campers is our whiny president, Donald J. Trump.

On last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert showcased some tweets from the Donald complaining about the statues being taken down. He likens it to “changing history”, and says the beauty of these statues will never be replaced once they are gone.

Colbert couldn’t help but take a look at one of these Confederate statutes to see just how beautiful it is. He shows an actual statue of Confederate soldier and KKK Grand Wizard, Nathan Bedford Forrest. The statue itself is rather goofy, as the miniature-sized Forrest on a large golden horse looks like it came from a cartoon. And this opens the door for Colbert to roast the statue, or ‘take it down’, if you will.

“Apparently, the Klan was founded by skirt-wearing nutcrackers riding wet lizards,” Colbert jokes, describing perfectly the “beauty” of this statue. Colbert also pokes fun at the way Forrest is aiming his gun behind him, suggesting that’s how the South lost — clueless Forrest was probably inadvertently shooting at them.

You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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