Steve Bannon gets booted one day after Seth Meyers destroys him

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Seth Meyers took Steve Bannon to task on last night’s episode of Late Night, and less than 24 hours later, Bannon has been fired from the White House also.

This just isn’t Steve Bannon’s lucky day!

If you were watching Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, you know the man of the hour was Steve Bannon. Sure, Donald Trump himself has been drudging up a lot of controversy. This nonsense with him and the white nationalists, with his “Will he or won’t he?” attitude, has really made the president look terrible. But Bannon jumping in didn’t make things any better.

On the program, Meyers spoke about the newest controversy with Trump. With other members of his cabinet seemingly unable to stop him, leave it to Bannon to step in for Trump’s defense. As Meyers says, Bannon’s ties to white nationalists are very well documented, which is funny to Seth — as “no one disproves the idea that white people are a master race more than Steve Bannon.” The Late Night host jokes that if Bannon tried to do the Nazi salute, he’d throw his back out.

I’m sure Bannon didn’t care for the take down on Late Night last night. But his bad luck isn’t ending there. As CNN reports, Bannon is now OUT as Trump’s chief strategist, having had his firing confirmed by White House officials. And this comes oh so soon after Bannon jumped to Trump’s defense when nobody else dared to. How’s that for a kick in the behind?

Obviously, however, there aren’t too many of us shedding tears for Bannon. It goes without saying that left-leaning Americans don’t like him. But even Trump’s supporters had been turning on him as well, with Trump himself talking negatively about Bannon in recent weeks. Still, it’s a little bit of a surprise… but it’s a pleasant one for us. Not so much for him.