Stephen Colbert reads (made up) Game of Thrones spoilers

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In response to the reports of hackers stealing Game of Thrones content from HBO, Stephen Colbert read some of the ‘spoilers’ on The Late Show.

There are only three episodes left in this season’s Game of Thrones… and Stephen Colbert claims to know exactly what’s going to happen!

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert spoke about the recent security breach over at HBO. Hackers have apparently gotten ahold of some of the Game of Thrones scripts, and are threatening to leak them online unless they’re paid in ransom bitcoins to the tune of $6 million. Colbert jokes that they’re also threatening to release naked pictures of the cast (you know, because they’re already always naked on the show).

Poking fun at the fiasco, Colbert claims to have obtained the leaks before anyone else has, and he’s going to be the first one to reveal them all! Of course, Colbert is less than serious, so these “spoilers” are not likely to actually happen on the show. Unfortunately.

Colbert dives into several “spoilers”, such as a scene where all of Mumford and Sons gets eaten by a bear (poking fun at Ed Sheeran’s cameo). Another spoiler reveals that Daenerys travels 88.8 miles per hour on her dragon and winds up travelling back in time with Michael J. Fox to save her father.

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below.

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