Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump over his ‘smile file’ reports

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After learning that Donald Trump pays a staffer to deliver him two reports a day of only “positive Trump news”, Stephen Colbert decided to add to the file.

Did you know that President Donald Trump pays someone to cherry-pick only the news stories that show him in a positive light? There’s a White House staffer that literally gathers only the positive Trump propaganda and delivers it to him twice a day. And that’s Trump’s primary source of information, apparently, which actually seems to explain a lot.

This is really funny to the rest of us, including Stephen Colbert, who wanted to mock Trump for it on last night’s Late Show. First, Colbert explained the story to his audience, prompting several groans from the crowd. “Positive news about Trump twice a day? He should really share that with the rest of the world,” Colbert jokes.

Humorously enough, Colbert reveals that Trump’s biggest complaint about these “smile file” reports is that they “need to be more positive”. So to help the president out, Colbert thought he’d use his faux news show Real News Tonight to keep the pro-Trump stories coming.

In the bit, tons of false “news stories” about Trump are touched on. Several photoshopped images are also displayed, including one of the president punching a hole in the moon. All the while, news story headlines flash on the bottom, including one about Rosie O’Donnell falling into a “big hole”.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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