Colbert polls audience on if he’d do better than Donald Trump

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Mocking Donald Trump for quizzing his Twitter followers on if he’s better than Obama, Stephen Colbert held his own poll with his studio audience.

Who would be a better president… Donald Trump or Stephen Colbert?

This was the question the Late Show host asked his audience last night. But first, let’s backtrack for just a minute to set up the story. On Twitter, Trump had posted a poll asking his followers who they like more, himself or former president Barack Obama?

Now, obviously, Trump won the poll, but that’s also because it was asked directly to his own fan base. To counter that, Colbert took to last night’s Late Show to proclaim that he can do a poll of his own that’s “just as scentific as that”. And that’s when Colbert decides to conduct a poll of his own, quizzing his studio audience and using his elbows go gauge their responses to pick a winner.

“Who thinks I would be a better president than Donald Trump?” Colbert asks, eliciting what could be the loudest audience reaction he’s ever gotten in the studio. The cheers turn into a chant of “Stephen, Stephen, Stephen!” and it’s safe to say he won the poll. “That’s science, you can’t argue with that,” Colbert quips. Truly, the funniest part is that although Colbert’s joking, he’s totally right — this poll is no less valid than the one Trump tweeted.

You can watch the poll in the video below, thanks to CBS on YouTube.

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