Bill Maher renames the Republican Party as the Troll Party

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On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher blasted Trump and Republicans for obsessing over ‘trolling’ liberals instead of just, you know, governing.

Donald Trump and his buddies sure do love to stick it to liberals. They try to take every chance they get to take shots at the left, whether the situation calls for it or not. In fact, you could say it’s gotten to the point where Trump is literally ignoring his job in favor of just trying to antagonize the other side.

This was the subject of Bill Maher’s “New Rule” on the latest edition of Real Time. Maher says that Republicans may as well go ahead and change their name to the Troll Party. “Because that’s all they are now, trolls,” Maher explains. “People who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation.”

Maher goes on to rant about how annoying it is that Republicans focus on picking childish fights more than actually doing their jobs. He exposes how every decision they make seems to be based solely on ticking the “snowflakes” off — Maher says they’re basically the “Democrats’ crazy ex-girlfriend.” It explains a lot of things, such as Trump just randomly tweeting a trans ban for the military.

“You think Trump cares who serves in our military? As long as it’s not him, he’s good,” Maher points out. The obvious point here is that Trump doesn’t really care whether there’s a trans ban in place or not. His goal was just to anger liberals, and nothing else.

You can watch the New Rule bit in the YouTube video below, thanks to HBO.

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