Bill Maher monologue takes on Donald Trump and North Korea feud

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With tensions rising between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, Bill Maher took to Real Time to offer his thoughts on the horrifying situation.

This apparent feud between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is really starting to get scary. I suppose the best thing we can do is just try to treat it with humor and laugh about it as best we can. Cue Bill Maher to take to Real Time to speak his mind on this potential nuclear war.

Maher opened his monologue by addressing how “nervous” he knows everyone must be, joking that even Bill Cosby sedated himself because of it. Maher mentioned how in the past, we dropped two bombs called “Fat Man and Little Boy”. Now, things are coming full circle, as we’re facing a nuclear war because of another fat man and little boy (Trump and Kim Jong Un, respectively).

The Real Time host compares this tiff between these two as an argument to see who “has the bigger micro-penis”. Maher jokes that this is really what this whole thing is about, noting that all it would take to solve this would be to hire two hookers who are willing to lie. “Some day, these two assh—s are going to bump into each other at the Hair Club for Tyrants,” he adds, imagining them realizing how similar the both of them really are.

Maher goes on to address Kim Jong Un directly, presuming him to be a fan of HBO. He reminds the little guy that Dennis Rodman, an apparent friend of the leader of North Korea, lives “right here” in Los Angeles. Nuking LA would mean nuking his buddy! But is that really enough to stop him?

You can watch the monologue for yourself in the video below.

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