Stephen Colbert is grading Donald Trump’s improv skills

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After clearly improvising his notorious “fire and fury” threat to North Korea, Donald Trump is being graded by former improv actor Stephen Colbert.

So the American president Donald Trump sees himself as an improviser. That might be, but just how good are his skills? Well, leave it to Stephen Colbert — who studied improv at Chicago’s The Second City — to determine that.

Last night on The Late Show, Colbert spoke about this possible nuclear war between North Korea and the United States. Trump recently talked about how he has been getting threatened by Kim Jong Un. In response to that, Trump declared that North Korea will be met with “fire and fury” like no one has ever seen before.

We’ve been seeing this “fire and fury” comment being talked about at lot, and, apparently, it as made up by Donald on the spot! Colbert points out how the paper in front of Trump was an “opioid fact sheet”, leaving the Trumpster to pull everything he said straight out of his orange behind. Having done improv, Colbert speaks upon how difficult he knows it really is, and gives Trump the tip of getting a suggestion from the audience next time. “Can I have a geographical location?”

Colbert also mentions the threat from North Korea about attacking the U.S. territory of Guam. To that, Colbert reminds Kim Jong Un that the people of Guam are innocent here. “They didn’t vote for Trump… just like most of Americans,” Colbert quips, getting a huge reaction from his studio audience. You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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