‘Roseanne’ reboot is bringing Dan back from the dead

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Despite the bizarre way Roseanne killed off John Goodman’s character in the series finale, it has been confirmed that Dan will be alive and well in the revival.

It turns out Dan Conner is not dead after all… John Goodman fans rejoice!

By now, most of us have heard how ABC has ordered a mini-series revival of the classic sitcom Roseanne. The majority of the main cast has already been attached to return, and The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki is still in negotiations. But perhaps the biggest question we all had about this return was how they would treat the death of the family patriarch, Dan Conner.

If you didn’t even even realize Dan died in the original show, that’s understandable. It was revealed hastily in the series finale in a very bizarre twist. Apparently, Dan had actually died as a result of the heart attack he had earlier in the show. All of the episodes that had been airing since then were just a part of Roseanne’s fantasy. She admitted all of this to the camera at the very end, and then, that was just the end of the show. What a baffling bummer of an ending that was.

Well that ending is going to be retconned, according to ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungy. According to EW, Dungy boldly claims that “Dan is definitely still alive.” Though he also makes it clear he can’t talk specifically about how they’ll handle his “death reveal” the show last left us with. We’ll have to wait and see, but at least we know that Dan lives.

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Production for the Roseanne revival is set to start this fall. A premiere date remains to be seen but we will be sure to keep a close eye on any more updates.