‘Modern Family’ likely to end after Season 10, co-creator says

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Acclaimed sitcom Modern Family will probably be coming to an end at the conclusion of its tenth season, according to co-creator Steve Levitan.

Are we nearing the end of the road for Modern Family?

Certainly, the ABC sitcom is one of the most popular programs on television. Critics love it, as do fans. It’s even been nominated for (and won) countless Primetime Emmy Awards. But as good as the show is, nothing lasts forever, and it looks like the end for this show is now in sight.

ABC had renewed Modern Family for two more seasons, which will bring the show up to ten seasons overall. Season 9 is set to premiere next month, and you can expect another full season after that one concludes. But enjoy it as much as you can, because according to co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan, that may very well be all she wrote.

In a new interview with Deadline, Levitan said that the show making it ten seasons in is a huge accomplishment for him and the rest of the cast and crew. He does admit that he feels that they’re in control of the show’s fate at this point, and “10 sounded like a nice round number.” Levitan does admit that the show could go past ten seasons, but he “fully expects” the last episode of Season 10 to be the series finale.

As for how to end the series, the crew are tossing around various ideas. Levitan hints that, ultimately, the show will end with a big “family event” just as it had started — with the adoption of a baby girl into the ever-growing family that we have all grown to love.

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Season 9 (and possibly the second-to-last season) of Modern Family premieres on ABC on September 27, 2017.