Politicon: Chelsea Handler vs Tomi Lahren ‘debate’ gets heated

Photo via Netflix (Chelsea Handler)
Photo via Netflix (Chelsea Handler) /

Things got a bitted heated up during the sit-down interview (aka political debate) between Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren at Politicon.

Could a face to face encounter between Chelsea and Tomi have gone any other way?

Yesterday, the moment finally came for Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren to square off. Despite Handler’s insistence that this was an interview and not a “debate”, there was no denying ourselves as to what would happen. With some strong disagreements between the two ladies, it would only be a matter of time before things would get a little heated between them.

It happened yesterday at Politicon. Again, Handler opened things up by saying that this wasn’t a debate, but an interview with Lahren. Admitting that she doesn’t understand people who don’t think the way she does, Handler says she’s looking to speak with Lahren to ‘get’ the other side better. So, how did things turn out?

While the interview started off light with some jokes, Lahren started ruffling Handler’s feathers before long. You could see the annoyance in Handler’s eyes when Lahren slammed Obamacare, and then admitted that she is actually a recipient of it. Because of her young age, Lahren is still on her parents’ health insurance, though Handler did compliment her for admitting it.

Of course, the subject of Donald Trump came off soon after. Lahren was forced to admit that she doesn’t always agree with Trump, but claims that the pros outweigh the cons with him. Handler responds by turning up the heat, calling Trump a “crybaby” that needs to be “babysat” by Congress.

Trump’s “trans ban” for the military also divided the two women even further. Lahren supports the ban, complaining that she doesn’t want to pay for medical treatment transgender soldiers would receive. Handler fired back that if money is the issue, Trump could merely stay home for a couple of weekends, and those medical costs would be paid for that way. Lahren is clearly gritting her teeth when Handler dishes out these candid thoughts.

In the end, however, the two ended the debate/interview rather respectfully. Handler tells Lahren that she respects her for agreeing to come onto the show, knowing most others in her position wouldn’t. In return, Lahren tells Handler she admires her gutsy move to ditch the E! network, hoping she can find her own new path in television herself.

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We’ll see where Lahren winds up next on television. As for Handler, you can watch new episodes of her talk show Chelsea every Friday on Netflix.