Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, July 28th?

Credit: HBO
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Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, July 28th, 2017? Here at Last Night On, we’ve got the answer for you!

Friday nights are just bare when Bill Maher isn’t on HBO with a new episode of Real Time. So what’s tonight going to be like? Will there be a new episode of the show, or is Maher still on hiatus from the series?

Well, the bad news I have for you is that Bill Maher is NOT going to be on tonight. Maher is still on vacation, and he isn’t due to return until next week. This means we have yet another Friday night without the Maher man telling it like it is. Bummer, right?

However, Bill Maher is returning next week with an all new episode of the show. He had taken about a month off, and he will finally be coming back next Friday. The wait hasn’t been easy, but hopefully it will be worth it when he finally returns! He’s been missing too much of the chaos going on in this country that he’s going to have to be working overtime to try and catch up.

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So, let’s reiterate what was discussed above. Bill Maher won’t be back tonight with a new episode of the show. But we only have one more week until his return! So, next Friday night, be sure to tune in to HBO for a new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher!