Donald Trump throws himself a rally, gets blasted by Colbert

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President Donald Trump recently threw himself a rally in Ohio, presumably to hear people chant his name, and Stephen Colbert is mocking him hard for it.

Donald Trump sure likes to make some very bold claims on his Twitter account. But we can always count on Stephen Colbert to be right there to call BS on him!

The newest example of this comes soon after a small rally in Ohio which Trump apparently threw for himself. Colbert brought it up on last night’s Late Show, at first noting how Trump just had to have a crowd of people chanting his name. Mocking him, Colbert encourages his own studio audience to break out into a “Stephen!” chant.

But what Colbert really thought was funny was the tweet Trump sent out after the event. Simply stating that the crowd in Ohio was amazing, Trump vaguely declared that it “broke all records.” Yes, it somehow broke all records, despite being in a building only capable of holding 6,000 people, as Colbert points out.

But what exactly does Trump mean by the rally breaking “all” records? Colbert jokingly assumes that some of his guests must have included the world’s tallest man and the guy with the world’s longest fingernails.

Colbert then shows a clip of Trump saying he can be more presidential than any other president, barring Abe Lincoln. The Late Show host can’t help but laugh at the notion that Trump is more presidential than George Washington, the man who invented presidency.

You can watch the whole bit in the YouTube video below.

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