Jimmy Kimmel trashes O.J. Simpson after parole hearing

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O.J. Simpson is back in the news after being granted parole a few days ago, and Jimmy Kimmel took the chance to crack several jokes at Simpson’s expense.

Good old O.J. has always been an easy target for every late night comedian. Well, at least he has been since 1994. Apparently, some things never change, as here in 2017, the late night comics are still ripping the former NFL star a new one.

After being granted parole recently, O.J. Simpson found himself back in the center of all the news headlines. But with that attention comes more cracks, and Jimmy Kimmel took to his late night show to get in on the O.J. bashing action.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel spoke about the parole board’s decision, which will effectively set Simpson free. Or, as some (every) news anchor would put it, “The Juice is loose.” Seriously — Kimmel plays a montage of countless anchors all using that very phrase to describe Simpson’s upcoming release from prison.

As Kimmel says, Simpson could be released as early as the first of October. From there, he’ll be presumably flown “straight to the set of Dancing with the Stars.” He says that in jest, but sadly, I could see something like that being a very real possibility.

But the most humorous moment comes after Kimmel shows a clip from the hearing, with O.J. actually saying out loud that he gets along well with everyone. “Two notable exceptions,” Kimmel adds, not needing to say anything else beyond that.

You can watch the clip in the video below.

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