Colbert stays in Donald Trump’s Russian ‘pee pee’ hotel room

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Stephen Colbert took to the Late Show to show footage of him staying in the same Russian hotel room where hookers peed for Donald Trump (allegedly).

Did two Russian prostitutes urinate on Donald Trump’s hotel bed with him watching? Worse yet, was it captured on video? Well, that’s been a long-running rumor going around which possibly explains why Putin has Trump by the balls.

Still, none of us here have actually seen the tape, so we can’t verify if it actually exists. Therefore it’s important for us to emphasize that this is what allegedly happened. But in any case, it’s humorous to think about, and The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert agrees.

Capping off his “Russia Week” of the series, Colbert had been saving the best for last. During his recent visit to Russia, he actually managed to stay in the actual hotel room Trump was allegedly recorded in. Whether the story is true or not, Colbert made it his goal to spend the night in there, and hilariously, he found his way in!

Upon entering the infamous bedroom, Colbert notes how it’s “soaked in history.” And that’s just the start of many pee pee puns the segment has to offer. “It’s not even like it’s in the past, you’re in history… YOU’RE IN it!” he adds, putting extra emphasize on the “you’re in” parts of the sentence.

Colbert spends some more time just sitting next to the bed and speaking about the alleged incident. He then does some investigating of his own, seeking out hidden cameras or listening devices planted inside. The search turns up nothing, but after Colbert goes to bed, we do see “footage” of a Russian surveillance camera recording him drifting off…

You can watch the entire segment in the video below.

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